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Facts and Myths About Mental Health

Myth: If I have a mental health problem I should be able to take care of it myself.

Reality: Some mental health problems can be solved with support, taking care of yourself, and reaching out to others.  However, if problems persist, you should consult with a trusted adult and seek the proper care.

Myth: If I have a mental illness, it is a sign of weakness—it's my fault.

Reality: Mental illness is not anyone's fault.  Just as people do not choose to have diabetes or cancer, people do not choose to have a mental illness. Mental illnesses are not results of any specific behavior and no one should have to feel ashamed of this condition any more than any other medical condition.

Myth: People diagnosed with a mental illness are always sick, act crazy, and are out of touch with reality.

Reality: Most people suffering from even the most severe of mental illnesses are in touch with reality more often than they are not. Many people quietly bear the symptoms of mental illness without ever showing signs of their illness to others, and most people with mental illness live productive, active lives.