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Support for Japan

Along with the rest of the world, the hearts and thoughts of NASP leadership and staff go out to the people of Japan and those trying to aid survivors and resolve the country’s nuclear crisis. NASP is working with leaders of the Japan Association of School Psychologists (JASP) to provide resources for students, families and educators in Japan as well as affected students and families in the United States.

Disaster Resources

Monitor Media Exposure

It is especially important for adults to monitor children’s exposure to media images, particularly young children and those with preexisting trauma risk. Exposure to graphic media images can trigger trauma response in children and adults. This can be true for children who are not directly connected to this tragedy.

Trauma and Crisis Resources

Other NASP resources specific to helping children cope with crisis and loss include:

Red Cross Resources

Coping with Shelter-in-Place Emergencies (PDF)
Coping with Radiation Concerns (PDF)

Helping Resources
Protective factors can include maintaining a sense of normalcy, focusing on people’s resilience and the outpouring of help from around the world, and taking action to help. Following

We will update and add to these resources as necessary.

Information on the crisis in Japan from the National Association of School Psychologists may be adapted and distributed by school districts to meet the needs of their school community as long as the integrity of the content is not altered. NASP must be credited as the original source of the information (Adapted from....) PDF handouts may be posted and distributed without receiving specific permission as long as they are reprinted or posted to websites verbatim, credit NASP, and include links to the NASP website.