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National Emergency Assistance Team (NEAT)

The National Emergency Assistance Team (NEAT) is part of the National Association of School Psychologists' (NASP) effort to help schools, families and communities cope with crisis situations. While every school ideally should have the internal capacity to respond effectively in a crisis, some traumatic events require outside assistance from professionals with specific expertise in school crisis intervention.

NEAT is comprised of nationally certified school psychologists who have had formal training in and direct experience involving crises that affect children and schools. All NEAT team members are trained in the PREPaRE School Crisis Prevention and Intervention model.

NEAT's role varies according to the needs of each situation. NEAT provides:

  • Phone and email consultation with crisis team members in the aftermath of a crisis
  • Direct aid and assistance on the ground to school crisis teams and communities, when invited by the school district
  • Adaptable resources for schools to use with students, staff and families

Contacting NEAT

To request support from the NEAT team in the event of crisis, contact the:

  • NASP Office
    • Kathy Cowan, NASP Director of Communications
      phone: 301-347-1665

    • Susan Gorin, NASP Executive Director
      phone: 301-347-1640

  • NEAT Chair and/or Cochair directly at the contact information listed below. If none of the four primary contacts are available, you may contact one of the other team members directly

For information on crisis prevention and response or team training, contact the PREPaRE program.

Cathy Kennedy-Paine, Chair
School Psychologist
Springfield, OR
Cell phone: 541-729-5242
E-mail: cpaine19@gmail.com

Bill Pfohl
Western Kentucky University
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Cell phone: 270-535-4915
E-mail: billnasp@aol.com

Stephen E. Brock
Professor & School Psychology Program Coordinator
California State University, Sacramento
Telephone: 916-278-5919
E-mail: brock@csus.esd

Larisa Pikover Crookston
Specialist, Psychologist
Los Angeles Unified School District
Los Angeles, CA
Telephone: 310-235-3713
Cell phone (for emergencies): 310-266-0490
E-mail: larisa.pikover@lausd.net

Cynthia Dickinson, Co-chair
Manager, Crisis Intervention and Dropout Prevention
Fairfax County Schools
Fairfax, VA 22030
Telephone: 571-423-4315
E-mail: cindy.dickinson@fcps.edu

Richard Lieberman
School Psychologist/Consultant
CalMHSA K-12 Student Mental Health Initiative
Los Angeles County Office of Education
Downey, California
Telephone: 562-922-6733
E-mail: Lieberman_Richard@lacoe.edu

J. Douglas DiRaddo
School Psychologist
Brandywine School District
Wilmington, Delaware
Telephone: 302-762-7120 ext. 2121
E-mail: james.diraddo@bsd.k12.de.us

Shirley A. Pitts
School Psychologist
Cell phone: 847-354-2316
E-mail: shirley.pitts19@yahoo.com