About SPR

PlaceholderSchool Psychology Review (SPR) is a refereed journal published quarterly by NASP. Its primary purpose is to provide a means for communicating scholarly advances in research, training, and practice related to psychology and education, and specifically to school psychology. Of particular interest are articles presenting original, data-based research that can contribute to the development of innovative intervention and prevention strategies and the evaluation of these approaches.

SPR presents important conceptual developments and empirical findings from a wide range of disciplines (e.g., educational, child clinical, pediatric, community, and family psychology, as well as education and special education) and communicates advances from within school psychology to the broader educational and psychological communities.

School Psychology Review places emphasis on original, data-based research, but the journal is receptive to reviews with implications for public policy and innovative program development, and well-designed case studies illustrating strategies for linking research and practice. Although a wide range of topics relevant to school psychology, education, and related disciplines are of interest, SPR places a priority on articles that relate directly to one or more outcome goals delineated at the Multisite Conference on the Future of School Psychology (see School Psychology Review, 33(1), 2004).

Portions of two issues each year are reserved for special series on themes deemed by the leadership team to be of major interest to school psychology. The majority of journal space, however, is devoted to unsolicited manuscripts covering a wide range of topics. All manuscripts submitted for review are subject to a masked, peer-review process involving members of the Editorial Advisory Board and ad hoc reviewers.


Amy L. Reschly
University of Georgia
E-mail: reschly@uga.edu

Editorial Assistant

Kathleen Fraysier
E-mail: kathleen.fraysier@uga.edu

Consulting Associate Editor

Tanya Eckert
Syracuse University

Associate Editors

Lisa Bowman-Perrott
Texas A&M University
Robin Codding
University of Minnesota
Kelli Cummings
University of Maryland
Tim Curby
George Mason University
Erin Dowdy
University of California, Santa Barbara
Stacy-Ann January
University of South Carolina

Scientific Advisory Panel

Seth Aldrich
Homer Central Schools
Matthew Burns
University of Missouri
Claudia Dickerson
Gwinnett County Public Schools
Frank Gresham
Louisiana State University
Robert Horner
University of Oregon
Randy Kamphaus
University of Oregon
Robert Pianta
University of Virginia
Tom Power
University of Pennsylvania
Susan Sheridan
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Karen Stoiber
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

Editorial Advisory Board

Craig Albers
University of Wisconsin
Scott Ardoin
University of Georgia
Joseph Betts
Pearson VUE
Catherine Bradshaw
University of Virginia
Amy Briesch
Northeastern University
Mack Burke 
Texas A&M University 
Jonathan Campbell
University of Kentucky
Anne Cash
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Theodore Christ
University of Minnesota 
Nathan Clemens
Texas A&M University
Melissa Collier-Meek
University of Massachusetts Boston
James Connell
Drexel University
Clay Cook 
University of Minnesota 
Melissa Coolong-Chaffin
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Bridget Dever
Lehigh University 

Katie Eklund
University of Missouri

Lindsay Fallon
University of Massachusetts Boston
Sycarah Fisher
University of Kentucky
Randy Floyd
University of Memphis
Andy Garbacz
University of Oregon
Anne Gregory
Rutgers University
Daniel Hajovsky
University of South Dakota
Renee Hawkins
University of Cincinnati
Melissa Heath
Brigham Young University

John Hitchcock
Indiana University

Robin Hojnoski
Lehigh University
John Hosp
University of Massachusetts–Amherst
Michelle Hosp
University of Massachusetts–Amherst 
Kathryn Jaspers 
Lewis & Clark
Laurice Joseph
Ohio State University
Stephen Kilgus
University of Wisconsin

Eui Kyung Kim
North Carolina State University 

Kathleen King
Pomona College
David Klingbeil
University of Texas–Austin 
Kyongboon Kwon
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee 
Stephen Leff 
Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania
Laura Lu
University of Georgia 
Daniel Maggin
University of Illinois at Chicago 
Ashley Mayworm 
Loyola University Chicago 
Kent McIntosh
University of Oregon
Brian McKevitt
Univerity of Nebraska–Omaha
Elizabeth Meisinger
Univerity of Memphis
Sterett Mercer 
University of British Columbia
Faith Miller
University of Minnesota 
Paul Morgan
Pennsylvania State University
Peter Nelson
Pennsylvania State University
Amanda Nickerson
University at Buffalo, SUNY
Lindsey O'Brennan
University of South Florida 
Julia Ogg
Northern Illinois University
Laura Pendergast
Temple University 
Brian Poncy
Oklahoma State University 

Matthew Quirk 
University of California–Santa Barbara

Keith Radley
Univerisity of Southern Mississippi

Wendy Reinke
University of Missouri
Tyler Renshaw
Utah State University
Debra Roorda
University of Amsterdam
Lisa Sanetti
University of Connecticut
Elisa Shernoff
Rutgers University
Benjamin Solomon
University at Albany, SUNY
Scott Stage
North Carolina State University
Shannon Suldo
University of South Florida
Amanda Sullivan
University Minnesota
Colby Taylor
Christian Brothers University
Adrea Truckenmiller
Michigan State University
Amanda VanDerHeyden
Education Research and Consulting
Kimberly Vannest
Texas A&M University
Lee Van Horn
University of New Mexico
Ethan Van Norman
Leigh State University
Robert Volpe
Northeastern University
Nathaniel Von der Embse
University of South Florida
Shannon Wanless
University of Pittsburgh
Jina Yoon
University of Arizona