NASP Research Center

The NASP Research Center provides access to empirical research on the profession of school psychology and information on the research activities of the Association. 

NASP 2014-2015 Membership Survey

The NASP Membership Survey for the 2014-2015 school year is currently underway. Data collection has ended, and the Research Committee is now conducting the analyses. Preliminary results were presented at the NASP Convention in New Orleans at the Special Session, School Psychology at a Glance: 2015 Member Survey Results. This survey is the main source for information on school psychologists in the U.S. The results are used in advocacy efforts on behalf of the profession.

Research on Trauma-Sensitive Schools

Children and adolescents in the U.S. endure high rates of stress and adversity from a wide variety of sources. Such adverse childhood experiences can undermine students' ability to learn, form relationships, and manage their feelings and behavior, potentially placing them at increased risk for trauma and a range of negative academic, social, emotional, and occupational outcomes. As a result, there is increasing awareness of the need to create trauma-sensitive schools.

Download Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools (PDF) for more information. 


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