Framework for Safe & Successful Schools Advocacy Roadmap

The Framework for Safe and Successful Schools is the result of collaboration among NASP, the American School Counselor Association, National Association of Elementary School Principals, National Association of Secondary School Principals , National Association of School Resource Officers, and School Social Work Association of America. This document provides a framework, supported by over a hundred state and national organizations, for improving school safety and increasing access to mental health supports for children and youths.

This Advocacy Roadmap contains a set of resources to help individuals and state associations advocate for the recommended policies and practices to improve school safety. You are encouraged to consult these resources to help you organize and plan for your professional and/or legislative advocacy activities. These materials can, and should be adapted to meet the unique needs of your local communities and states. Ensuring that schools adopt evidence-based policy and practice related to student safety is critical, and your advocacy and help make every school a safe and successful one. It is our hope that you will share your ideas and experiences with NASP leaders for possible inclusion in this Toolkit

Table of Contents

Examining the Current Landscape of School Safety
This document provides an overview of the current conversations and proposals about how to reduce violence and improve school safety, how the Framework for Safe and Successful Schools can contribute to these efforts, and the role of school psychologists in advocating for comprehensive school safety policy and practice.

Advocacy “To-Do” List
Not sure how to start advocating for safe and successful schools? This resource outlines a sequence of action steps and contains quick links to all of the resources contained in this Toolkit.

Assessing the School Environment
This tool is intended to be used as an informal assessment of current policies and practices in the school environment. This tool can help you identify areas of strength and areas in need of improvement as you work toward creating a safe and successful school environment.

Key Messages: Framework for Safe and Successful Schools
This document highlights several key messages about comprehensive school safety and the important role of the school psychologist in these efforts. These messages can be altered to fit the unique needs of your school community and can be tailored to fit the perspective of your audience.

Summary of Relevant NASP Resources
This document is a collection of NASP resources and research that may help you develop your advocacy plan and messaging around safe and successful schools.

Public Policy Examples Incorporating the Framework for Safe and Successful Schools

Tips for Becoming an Effective Advocate
Use these helpful tips to help you effectively engage with administrators and public policy makers.

Action Planning Template
This template is to help state associations or small groups of school psychologists create an effective advocacy plan for promoting the Framework for Safe and Effective Schools. This tool will assist you in identifying specific goals, associated activities, timelines, personnel responsible for actions, needed resources, and anticipated outcomes.

Lessons Learned
As you engage in advocacy to promote safe and successful schools, you will likely face some challenges and learn something new. This feedback form is provided for you to share your story. We hope that you will take the time to complete it so that NASP may share your successes and strategies for overcoming barriers to advocacy.