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Volume 19, Issue 2 (1990)

Assessment and Treatment of Recurrent Abdominal Pain: Guidelines for the School Psychologist

pp. 212—222

ABSTRACT: Recurrent somatic complaints of children and adolescents represent one of the most complex school health related problems encountered by school officials and physicians. Physical complaints that are not disease-based account for many missed school days and are often cited as primary reasons for prolonged absences.In addition, somatic complaints often result in students missing important classroom instruction due to time spent determining the validity of such complaints. Somatic complaints without clear organic origin are also primary indicators for both anxiety and depression in childhood and adolescence. The purpose of this review is to provide school psychologists with basic information regarding the prevalence, assessment, and treatment of one of the most common types of somatic complaints: recurrent abdominal pain (RAP). A preliminary strategy for the assessment of RAP is presented.

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