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Volume 19, Issue 4 (1990)

The Relation Between Performance Feedback and job Attitudes Among School Psychologists

pp. 550—563

This study examined the hypothesis that the feedback environment of school psychologists would relate to their job satisfaction and self-perceptions of work competence. School psychologists in New York state rated their job satisfaction and competence and reported on the frequency with which they received feedback from administrators, coworkers, self, and others. The type and amount of job feedback received by school psychologists were strongly related to job satisfaction and self-perceptions of competence. Job satisfaction was predicted in stepwise regression analysis by the frequency of (a) self-appraised improvements at work, (b ) positive reflected appraisals from others, and (c) negative reflected appraisals from coworkers. Self-perceptions of competence were predicted by (a ) the frequency of negative self-appraisal, (b ) level of training, and (c) positive reflected appraisals from others. Implications are discussed for feedback and self-appraisal systems at work for school psychologists.

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