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Volume 19, Issue 4 (1990)

Comparisons of School Psychologists in the City and Country: Is There a "Rural" School Psychology?

pp. 534—549

This investigation examined prevailing assumptions regarding differences between school psychologists in different settings. The professional preparation, experience, employment conditions, job satisfaction, roles, continuing education needs, and perceptions of key issues of school psychologists in rural, urban, suburban, and combination settings were compared using data from a large, nationally representative sample of practitioners (N = 502). There were relatively few differences, and those differences that did emerge were not consistently in favor of the urban/suburban setting. There was limited support for the existence of a more generalist role for rural school psychologists and somewhat different continuing education needs among rural and urban groups. Other differences were inconsistent and frequently not in the direction predicted in the prior literature. Implications for research on rural variables and possible variations in graduate programs and continuing education were discussed.

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