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Volume 18, Issue 2 (1989)

The Effects of Entry Information on the Consultation Process

pp. 225—234

ABSTRACT: The present study investigated the effects of entry in formation on consultees’ knowledge of consultation, verbal behavior during the problem identification interview (PII), and subsequent perceptions of the consultation process. Subjects included 20 teachers who were randomly assigned to experimental and control conditions. Subjects in the experimental condition viewed a videotape discussing various issues of entry in consultation (e.g., problem identification, expectations for consultee involvement, confidentiality). Subjects in the control condition viewed a videotape describing problems typically encountered by teachers in the classroom. Following the videotape presentations, subjects engaged in a 15 minute PII with a consultant concerning a school-related problem. Results indicated that exposure to the entry information significantly increased consultees’ knowledge of consultation, did not significantly alter perceptions of the consultation process, and produced transient effects on verbal behavior during the PH. Results are discussed in terms of the need to empirically verify the conceptual bases of consultation.

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