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Volume 17, Issue 1 (1988)

Neuropsychology in the Schools: A Survey Report

pp. 147—166

ABSTRACT: A nationally representative sample of 213 school psychologists was surveyed concerning issues in neuropsychological training, usage, and application to children in schools. The majority of respondents held Masters or Specialists degrees, worked in public schools, and conducted approximately 100 assessments per year. Results of the survey indicated that behavioral and cognitive psychological frameworks were most popular among school psychologists, and that neuropsychology was not considered to be a major framework nor one in which respondents claimed expertise. However, respondents indicated that a substantial proportion of the children they serve had soft and hard neurological signs, and that most of the handicapping conditions they deal with have a likelihood of neurological etiology. Most school psychologists did not have formal academic training in neuropsychology, but seemed to welcome the notion of obtaining training if it could be made readily available and practically oriented.

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