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Volume 17, Issue 1 (1988)

Curriculum Bias in Published, Norm-Referenced Reading Tests: Demonstrable Effects

pp. 51—60

ABSTRACT: The content validity of four reading achievement tests (PIAT, WRAT, CAT, MAT)was evaluated with respect to two grade levels of the Pathfinder Ally-n and Bacon Reading Program. Content-Validity Standard Scores (CVSSs) were used to quantify the match between each test and the curriculum. Estimates of reading achievement were obtained on the four tests for 66 students enrolled in the Pathfinder curriculum. The results were consistent with previous findings of substantial variability in the match between reading achievement tests and reading curricula.In addition, significant and important differences in the estimates of reading achievement were found that could be predicted from the test CVSSs. Thus, the reading measures displayed significant curriculum bias which affected pupils cores. The results of this study indicate that curriculum bias may represent a substantial, pernicious confounding factor to decisions regarding referral,diagnosis, placement, and service entitlement.

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