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Volume 2, Issue 1 (1973)

Self-Theory and Behaviorism: A Rapprochement

pp. 38—40

From the point of view of these authors a sad state of affairs presently exists in psychology and education. Central to this problem is the notion that to accept either behaviorism (emphasizing actual behavior) or self-theory (stressing personal awareness or perception) as one’s major psychological orientation automatically excludes acceptance of the other. That this assumption is all too prevalent is evidenced by Hitt’s description (1969) of a symposium on behaviorism vs. phenomenology in which two distinct models of man were each associated with scientific methodology. We contend that this either-or state of affairs is destructive, self-deluding and, if we read the temper of the younger psychologists and educators correctly, a position held only by those who look to the past rather than to the future.

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