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Volume 17, Issue 2 (1988)

Sociometric Techniques With Young Children: A Review of Psychometrics and Classification Schemes

pp. 289—303

ABSTRACT: The literature on sociometric assessment with preschool children is reviewed.The importance of early assessment is underscored by the predictive relationship between childhood social status and adjustment problems in later life. The research suggests that sociometric status can be reliably measured in preschool children, although some studies have found that rating scales are more reliable for use with young children than are nomination scales. Nonetheless, nominations are often used because they allow researchers to differentiate between different classifications of social status, such as rejected, neglected, and popular children.This distinction is important because the available research suggests that rejected children are those “at risk” for later adjustment problems, while the risk factor for neglected children has not yet been established. Various methods of identifying status groups are compared for reliability, construct validity, and ethical considerations. Implications of the research for intervention are discussed.

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