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Volume 16, Issue 1 (1987)

Reviews of Solving Discipline Problems: Strategies for Classroom Teachers (2nd Edition), Solving Child Behavior Problems: At Home and at School

pp. 108—111

As noted in its title and preface, this is a book for teachers. Nonetheless, given the vast number of referrals specific to discipline and classroom behavior management problems, this area continues to be of much interest to school psychologists. Indeed, I am not aware of a single volume that comprehensively reviews the most common models and strategies toward resolving minor (as opposed to significantly emotionally disturbed or behaviorally disordered)classroom behavior problems, the differential characteristics and variables that maximize their respective successes, and the empirical research that documents their individual successes. From a descriptive perspective, Solving Discipline Problems: Strategies for Classroom Teachers, comes closest to this aspiration.Yet, while it reviews many important discipline-related theories and interventions, it still could strengthen its discussion of how to choose a developmentally,ecologically appropriate disciplinary intervention for a specific child, and it is weak in its review of the empirical research which supports the various interventions presented. Nonetheless, this book can still make a significant contribution to school psychologists and their service-delivery. This will be discussed in the context of a review of this book’s organization and contents.

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