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Volume 16, Issue 1 (1987)

Teacher-Rated Social Skills of Mainstreamed Mildly Handicapped and Nonhandicapped Children

pp. 78—88

ABSTRACT: Social skills across three subgroups of mildly handicapped children (i.e., Learning Disabled, Mildly Mentally Retarded/Educationally Handicapped, and Behavior Disordered)were compared to a matched sample of non-handicapped students using a teacher rating scale. Significant differences were found between all mildly handicapped subgroups and the non-handicapped group, however, no differences in teacher-rated social skills were found between subgroups of mildly handicapped children. A discriminant function analysis revealed that 75% of the subjects could be correctly classified on the basis of teacher-rated social skills. The results are discussed in the context of “classroom survival skills” of mildly handicapped children,social skills instruction, and mainstreaming practices.

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