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Volume 16, Issue 1 (1987)

Comments on Thomas K. Fagan's "School Psychology's Dilemma"

pp. 27—30

How can one develop a set of reactions to Fagan’s well written article about school psychology, especially if “reaction” is defined by a contrary point of view? In responding to the request from Editor Stephen Elliott to react to Fagan’s recent paper in the American Psychologist (Ap) I could find many things to commend, and little to criticize, about either his documentation or his overview of the field in his presentation about the past years of school psychology’s development, or to his scenarios for the future. So my comments will be relatively few, and while not in opposition to or in contrast to his portrayal of the field, its historical antecedents, and political environments, I hope they will contribute to consideration of ways that school psychology can control more of its current and future professional destiny in serving children and adolescents in the school systems of this country.

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