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Volume 15, Issue 1 (1986)

Treatment of Nonconfrontative Stealing in School-Aged Children

pp. 24—35

ABSTRACT: Theft that does not involve confrontation or use of force with a victim (i.e., nonconfrontative stealing) is receiving increased public attention although professionals have long been aware of this problem and its potential implications for later social and emotional development. This article reviews critically the published behavioral approaches for the reduction of nonconfrontative stealing behavior in school-aged children. The treatment approaches discussed in this paper include aversive and positive contingency management, parent training, self-control, as well as other interventions aimed at the prevention of stealing in schools and communities. Legal and ethical issues pertinent to particular treatment approaches are presented.Research examining the efficacy of these approaches and methodological issues that affect the generalizability of research results are also discussed. Specific recommendations are offered for future research directions and practice.

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