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Volume 15, Issue 2 (1986)

The Children's Behavior Rating Scale: A Factor Analytic Developmental Study

pp. 277—288

ABSTRACT: A factor analysis of a revised and expanded 102-item version of the Children’s Behavior Scale (CBRS) was conducted to complete development of this teacher rating scale. The identification of homogeneous factors was enhanced in three ways.First, some items were rewritten to make them less ambiguous and new items were added that reflected both previous factor analytic research and current diagnostic practice. Second, the sample of 678 children contained a high percentage of children receiving special education services. Third, items were retained only if they loaded strongly on only one factor. This procedure resulted in a 71-item final version of the CBRS composed of seven factors: Inattention-Disorganization, Linguistic-information Processing Deficits, Conduct Disorder, Motor Hyperactivity, Anxiety-Depression, Sluggish Tempo, and Social Competence. Item-subscale correlations showed the factors to be highly homogeneous and test-retest ratings showed the factors to be highly reliable. These results confirmed previous research on the CBRS that indicated that two independent dimensions of cognitive deficits can be identified in teacher ratings.

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