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Volume 15, Issue 2 (1986)

On the Malleability of Intelligence: Unnecessary Assumptions, Reifications, and Occlusion

pp. 261—263

I was both honored and apprehensive when asked to write a reaction to Dr. Carl Haywood’s keynote address which was presented at NASP’s annual convention in Las Vegas. I have always admired Carl Haywood’s work in the field of mental retardation and consider him to be one of the best scholars in this area. My high regard for Dr. Haywood’s and Dr. Switzky’s work and reputations explains, I think, my feelings of honor and apprehension. In spite of my “cognitive dissonance” over these two feelings, I will attempt to express my views of Carl Haywood’s keynote address which dealt with the malleability of intelligence and the teaching of cognitive strategies. To paraphrase a famous quotation from Samuel Johnson, I found the address to be both good and original.Unfortunately, the part that was good was not original and the part that was original was not particularly good.

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