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Volume 14, Issue 1 (1985)

The Relationship of Teacher Ratings and IQ: A Question of Bias?

pp. 79—83

ABSTRACT: A four-item rating scale concerned with current classroom performance, motivation to learn,and learning potential was returned from the teachers of 413 students, aged 5-11. From this pool, 120 subjects (40 black, 40 Hispanic, and 40 white) were chosen randomly to participate in this study. These students had been administered the WPPSI or WISC-Ras well as Weight by Height and the Physical Dexterity Tasks from the System of Multicultural Pluralistic Assessment. Scores from the teacher rating scale were correlated with Full Scale, Performance,and Verbal IQs for each ethnic group and the total sample. A multiple regression analysis was also conducted using the teacher rating items as criterion variables and age,race, sex, Weight by Height, Physical Dexterity Task scores and IQs as the predictor variables. Moderate correlations between IQ and teacher ratings were noted. The correlations for white students were slightly higher than those for black or Hispanic students. IQ was the best overall predictor of teacher ratings, although sex and physical dexterity added significantly to the predictive accuracy. Implications of these results were discussed regarding the relative bias of psychometric instruments and teacher ratings.

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