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Volume 14, Issue 3 (1985)

Test Review: The Lurid-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery - Children's Revision: An Instrument for School Psychologists?

pp. 383—384

A central nervous system deficit has been suggested as a potential etiological factor in learning disabilities (Hammill, Leigh, McNutt, & Larsen, 1981).Given this possibility, an instrument usable by psychologists in the school setting to assess a child’s neuropsychological status may prove valuable. Suchan instrument should provide the psychologist with information on a child’s neuropsychological strengths and weaknesses, and be sensitive to change in neuropsychological development. In theory, individually formulated remediation plans could be developed based on the child’s neuropsychological deficits, and this plan could be modified later as indicated by the test’s assessment of the child’s developmental progress.The Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery-Children’s Revision (LNNB-CR: Golden, 1981)may provide the school psychologist with such an instrument.

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