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Volume 14, Issue 4 (1985)

Multidisciplinary Teams and Group Decision-Making Techniques: Possible Solutions to Decision-Making Solutions

pp. 457—470

ABSTRACT: Although the concept of multidisciplinary team (MDT) decision-making holds a degree of face validity, empirical investigations indicate the MDTs are not as facilitative,perhaps, as we would like to believe. For example, MDT functioning can easily be hindered by socioemotional constraints which develop as a result of group interaction.Typically MDTs make decisions using a “traditional” interacting group approach, a format characterized by unstructured discussion and decision-making.Yet, data from both the management and social psychology literatures indicates that structured group decision-making approaches are often more effective than unstructured approaches. Several structured approaches to group decision-making are discussed with special attention called to the Nominal Group Technique(NGT). It is concluded that the use of the NGT format, in its present or modified form, holds promise for resolving some of the issues confronting MDTs presently working with the traditional interacting group approach to decision-making.

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