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Volume 2, Issue 3 (1973)

As the Twig Is Bent: Sex Role Stereotyping in Early Readers

pp. 30—38

A child’s expectations for itself set limits for its potential growth and these constraints may begin early in life (e.g. Kirchner and Vondracek, 1973). In a study of 6-8 year old children, Looft (1971) compared what boys and girls wanted to be when they grew up. He found a striking contrast between the variability of the aspirations of the boys and the unanimity of the girls’ responses. Seventy-five percent of all the aspirations of girls in this age group were confined to two categories - teacher and nurse. In contrast, the two most popular aspirations for boys (football player and fireman) were shared by less than 10% of the males. The boys diverse aspirations fell into eighteen categories whereas the girls’ were limited to eight.

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