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Volume 2, Issue 3 (1973)

Male and Female - The Mutually Disadvantaged: The School Psychologist's Role in Expanding Options for Both Sexes

pp. 2—10

At the birth of each child, the doctor’s announcement, or, as is more apt today, the parents’ own observations, signal not only the pink or blue layette color scheme, but in many senses the individual and societal learning curriculum for the child. Based on that most fundamental sexual differentiation present at birth, society has clear patterns of expectations and multiple forces at work to mold those expectations into reality. Perhaps the most awesome aspect of this social sex role curriculum is its “unconscious” nature. In essence, it is a set of beliefs and attitudes accepted implicitly and transmitted by virtually all members of society. The ideology exists without awareness and, because of the lack of conflicting belief systems, prohibits alternative conceptions of the world (Bern and Bern, 1970). The condensed article by Bern and Bern in this issue elaborates upon this non-conscious ideology.

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