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Volume 13, Issue 4 (1984)

Group Counseling With Elementary Students

pp. 515—518

Researchers have demonstrated the successful use of group counseling with school-aged children (Amerikaner & Summerlin, 1982; Hargrave & Hargrave, 1979; Thompson & Hudson, 1982). Despite the apparent need and proven usefulness, few school psychologists conduct counseling groups. A recent survey found that 81% of school psychologists spend little or no time in group interventions of any kind with students (Carroll, Harris, & Bretzing, 1979). Reasons may include time constraints, lack of training or experience, and administrative disapproval. What follows is the description of a group counseling technique implemented primarily with 6th graders for the past 4 years. Although therapeutic training is needed, the amount of time required is minimal. Consequently, psychologists in school districts that are oriented primarily toward evaluations, viewing counseling as a less important supplementary activity, can justify the program.

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