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Volume 12, Issue 1 (1983)

Errorless Discrimination Training of Digraphs With a Learning-Disabled Student

pp. 101—105

In an academic setting operant conditioning techniques are useful tools for eliciting the optimum cognitive and social development of each child. Operant conditioning focuses on teachable components of behaviors, the particular reinforcers that maintain or change those behaviors for each individual, and precise techniques for administering and managing those reinforcers. Several studies (Egeland & Winer, 1974; Gamache & Madle, 1976; Hively, 1962;Sidman & Stoddard, 1967; Terrace, 1963) provide information suggesting that the use of a particular operant technique, errorless discrimination training, might elicit an increase in visual and auditory discrimination of digraphs by a learning-disabled child.

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