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Volume 12, Issue 3 (1983)

Increasing Teacher Delivery of Contingent Praise and Contingent Materials Using Consultant Feedback and Praise

pp. 340—349

The growing application of behavioral interventions in the remediation of academic problems has been well documented in the literature(Ayllon & Rosenbaum, 1977; Jones & Kazdin, 1981; Kauffman & Hallahan, 1979;Lahey, Dellamater & Kupfer, 1981; and Stewart & Ashby, 1981). A number of diverse intervention strategies have been developed to improve academic performance. Among the more frequently cited strategies are token economies(Drabman, 1976), response cost (Jones & Kazdin,1981), timeout (Walker, Mattson Buckley,1968), programmed instruction (Jamison, Suppes & Wells, 1974), self-regulation (Meichenbaum,1979), group contingencies (ReschIy & Sabers, 1974), peer reinforcement (Kazdin & Geesey, 1977), and cognitive behavior modification(Kaufman & Hallahan, 1979).

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