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Volume 12, Issue 4 (1983)

Improving Kindergarten Students' Social Skills Through Consultation and Teacher-Directed Activities

pp. 476—480

The assessment and modification of children’s social competence or social skills have been proposed as significant topics for the future of applied child psychology (Guidubaldi,1982; Rinn & Markle, 1979; Zigler & Trickett, 1978). The terms social competence and social skills have been employed by different authors, but inspection of the literature indicates that they refer to essentially the same concept. For example, O’Malley (1977)defined social competence as “productive and mutually satisfying interactions between achild and peers or adults” (p. 31), and Libetand Lewinsohn (1973) defined social skills as“the complex ability to maximize the rate of positive reinforcement and minimize the strength of punishment elicited from others”(p. 311). A logical approach is to consider social competence as an overall trait and social skills as constituent behaviors.

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