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Volume 11, Issue 4 (1982)

Counseling Mentally Retarded Students in the Public School

pp. 453—458

There is a sizeable body of literature dealing with counseling; however, a limited number of articles address working with a mentally retarded population. Mentally retarded students in the public schools are a client population which has been particularly neglected. Vance, McGee,and Finkle (1977) suggest that this lack is because: … it is assumed that (a) retarded people experience less psychic distress and emotional pain than “normal” individuals and thus do not need counseling; (b)counseling requires verbal skills that most retarded individuals lack; (c) work with retarded individuals is too time-consuming and slow with little to show as a result; (d) retarded persons are unable to engage in abstract thinking and seldom gain insight into their problems; and (e) an interesting and challenging client is one who has high intelligence (p. 148).

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