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Volume 10, Issue 1 (1981)

Responsive Parenting: One Approach for Teaching Single Parents Parenting Skills

pp. 45—53

ABSTRACT: Responsive Parenting is a program designed to use parents in helping teach other parents to apply a behavior analysis approach in managing the behavior of their children. Attempts were made by the Responsive Parenting Program to identify and address the unique problems and needs of single parents desiring parenting skills training. The organization of the parent training course and concepts taught are outlined. Parents learn to use the Four-Step model of defining, measuring, intervening and evaluating, and to carry out a home behavior change project using applied behavior analysis research designs. A description and evaluation of the adaptations for single-parents are discussed. Guidelines for program development and implementation are provided to school psychologists, who recognize the need in their school districts for an efficient and economical approach to teaching parenting skills.

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