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Volume 10, Issue 2 (1981)

Ask a Different Question: Expect a Different Answer

pp. 278—284

Consideration of the future of training and practice in school psychology forces us to examine the relation of school psychology to psychology as a whole. Even a superficial review suggests that the problems emerging in school psychology are not unique: They reflect, in part,the complexity and diversity of the parent discipline as well as the changing influence of the larger social system. The latter point was clearly noted by Clark and Eichorn (1980) in an article proposing a reorganization of the American Psychological Association. The authors noted, Changes occurring both within our discipline and in the society at large call for more serious efforts to improve our organizational mechanisms for promoting the numerous functions of psychology... at the broader social level public policies are having increasing impact on all aspects of our discipline. More effective concerted effort is needed in dealing with public issues that are shaping the character of our science and profession. (p. 1)

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