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Volume 10, Issue 2 (1981)

School Psychology Training for the Decades Ahead, or Rivers, Streams, and Creeks: Currents and Tributaries to the Sea

pp. 194—205

Trachtman’s extensive coverage of practice and guild issues makes a strong, hopeful statement on the future of school psychology. He has been, at the same time, outspoken in articulating the type of competitiveness and potential divisiveness that can tear our profession apart during a period in which the promise for future development is, perhaps, greater than ever before. My response to the issues that Trachtman raises is general but has a slightly different order of emphasis. This response, of course, reflects my perspective as a school psychologist achieved from 6 years of practice in school systems, another 6 years as a research consultant for a state department of education, and the last 16 years as director of a training program. My response also reflects participation on the American Psychological Association(APA) Committee on Standards for Providers of Psychological Services, the APA Task Force on Education and Credentialing in Psychology, and the APA-NASP (National Association of School Psychologists) Task Force on accreditation. I believe that these national associations and their activities will have a profound impact on our field and will insure the continuation of school psychology as a professional specialty for decades to come.

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