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NASP Home NASP Publications School Psychology Review (SPR) Volume 1 Issue 4 (1972) We Are What We Believe: Toward a New ...
Volume 1, Issue 4 (1972)

We Are What We Believe: Toward a New Point of View for School Psychologists

pp. 3—7

One of the significant eve & in human development occurs when the maturing child begins to question the precepts handed him by his parents and other adult authorities in his life. The child who learns that his parents are not always correct and that he is capable of independent thought and action has taken an important step toward becoming an adult in his own right. But rebellious youth often questions only on the periphery. Some beliefs are so strongly entrenched that the maturing child does not even know how to question them. In some instances the fundamental, unstated but ever-present values held by the parents become part of the child’s belief system, and he is hardly aware that he has accepted them wholesale.

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