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NASP Home NASP Publications School Psychology Review (SPR) Volume 10 Issue 4 (1981) On School Psychology Supervision
Volume 10, Issue 4 (1981)

On School Psychology Supervision

pp. 452—454

It may help the reader to know that nine years ago the supervision of my internship was the responsibility of three different psychologists who advocated at least four different orientations. One was firmly committed to assessment, one was phenomenologically humanistic, and the third bordered on evangelical behaviorism. As an intern, the first question fielded from a principal was, “Why did our last school psychologist teach karate to the aggressive kids?” The first question from a teacher was, “If I refer this kid, will you keep him out of my class until he is fixed?” The last question my university supervisor asked was, “Are you sure you want to go into school psychology?”

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