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Volume 9, Issue 3 (1980)

Evaluating Organizational Effectiveness of Special Service Departments: Comparison of Two Models

pp. 259—266

ABSTRACT: The Goals Model and the Systems Model for evaluating organizational effectiveness of departments of special services in public schools are compared with respect to central purpose, underlying assumptions, and procedures. Examples of evaluation approaches which represent each model are illustrated with regard to evaluation problems confronted by directors of special services in public schools. Both models are shown to be important for allowing multi-purposive evaluation of organizational effectiveness since that concept can be defined from both a goals perspective and a systems perspective. Thus, both models are seen as complementary to one another with respect to evaluation purpose since each model focuses on different aspects of a department of special services. Furthermore, suggestions are provided for investigating the utility of each model. Also, the potential contribution of the school psychologist to development of procedures for evaluating organizational effectiveness is briefly discussed.

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