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Volume 9, Issue 4 (1980)

Growing Up Virtually Blind: A Self-Report

pp. 391—395

I have, at times, seen various types of commentaries written by handicapped persons about their life experiences, and have thought them presumptuous. Though relating our experiences can be amusing or even helpful, I did not wish to join those ranks-that is, not until I spoke with Dr. Carol Ceithaml of Evanston Hospital. I had the privilege of hearing her speak about Evanston Hospital’s High-Risk Program, and found it an interesting experience to see slides of the type of nursery I had been in as an infant. While speaking with Dr. Ceithaml about services the hospital offers to children with various learning disorders, she urged me to attempt to recount some of what I consider to be significant feelings and experiences in my life and the lives of my parents. I have attempted to combine my subjective experiences with my limited knowledge of the parlance of the child development professions. However, this is not an objective essay, but the recording of some of the feelings and experiences of a “high-risk” child and her family as best as she can recall them. An additional goal is to provide readers with some historical perspective on the development of the service delivery system from the era when my family and I had need of it to the present day.

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