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Volume 40, Issue 4 (2011)

The Conceptualization, Integration, and Support of Evidence-Based Interventions in the Schools

pp. 582—589

The studies in this issue break the mold of the traditional stage model of the development and testing of evidence-based interventions (EBIs) within the confines of highly controlled studies (Onken, Blaine, & Battjes, 1997). Although this approach has merits, the need for EBIs in school settings has outpaced their deployment. The authors of these articles are to be commended for their efforts to engage the school workforce in the iterative process of development, refinement, implementation, and, ultimately, sustainment of schoolbased interventions. What makes this work particularly impressive is the attention to theoretical frameworks, rigorous and responsive methodologies, and the relevance of research to practice and policy. The remainder of this commentary will focus on three issues related to the practice and policy implications of our science; namely, the conceptualization of evidence-based services, the integration of services within schools, and infrastructure development to support high-quality implementation and sustainability of EBIs through progress monitoring and workforce development.

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