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NASP Home NASP Publications School Psychology Review (SPR) Volume 9 Issue 4 (1980) The Influences of the Family
Volume 9, Issue 4 (1980)

The Influences of the Family

pp. 298—311

The intent of this essay is to examine the family from the child’s perspective; there the family participates directly in at least three basic processes. It provides the first targets for identification and attachment, and it disseminates information regarding the profile of actions,appearances, and thoughts that the child must command if he is to attain a sense of virtue and competence. These are intra-familial processes, the effects of which are mediated by direct psychological contact between the child and other family members. But each family is not just a continuing set of human interactions; it is also a structure,defined in part by the number and functions of its members and embedded in a larger network.In societies stratified by class,as ours is, the family’s socioeconomic position exerts a profound influence on many aspects of the child’s development. EDITOR’S NOTE: Adapted by the author from Daedalus, Spring, 1977 by Permission of The American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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