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Volume 1, Issue 3 (1972)

Emergent Directions in School Mental Health

pp. 23—29

Recent surveys indicate that roughly 30 percent of all children have school maladaptation problems ranging from mild to severe. In some quarters, that figure is as high as 70 percent. The magnitude of the mismatch between school-failure data and resource data dictates consideration of alternative conceptualizations and stratagems to guide future school mental health approaches. Greater attention must be directed to engineering school environments that potentiate adaptation, developing delivery systems that feature widespread early identification of ineffective school function, and creating interventions designed to short-circuit maladaptation. Such efforts must pay heed to the realities of current manpower shortages if they are to be successful. We shall describe here the development and evaluation of a long-range program for early detection and prevention of school maladaptation which offers a logically attractive alternative to past after-the-fact, crisis-oriented school mental health delivery systems.

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