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NASP Home NASP Publications School Psychology Review (SPR) Volume 1 Issue 3 (1972) School Psychology for the Total School
Volume 1, Issue 3 (1972)

School Psychology for the Total School

pp. 21—23

There is a story told, whether true or not is unimportant, of a village council which had a difficult decision to make. It seems that the village was nestled in a valley surrounded by tall and majestic snowcapped mountains, and that from a cliff situated immediately above, one could obtain a breathtaking panoramic view of the terrain. The vista was so extraordinary that its fame had spread far and wide, resulting in a constant flow of visitors to the village and the cliff above. Unfortunately, this was for the village both a blessing and a problem, for on all too many occasions the siren-like nature of the view drew visitors overly close to the cliff’s edge and they would fall. It was the challenging task of the council to determine how to cope with the situation. Deliberations were held, and ultimately a decision was made - the village would purchase, at great expense, a fleet of ambulances to be stationed at the foot of the cliff so that individuals falling from its edge could be transported quickly to nearby hospitals for prompt treatment.

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