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Volume 8, Issue 1 (1979)

Research on the Adaptive Behavior Inventory for Children and the Estimated Learning Potential

pp. 63—70

School psychologists and other psychodiagnostic specialists are keenly interested in the SOMPA. This interest is due to a number of reasons. The SOMPA provides a comprehensive assessment of many characteristics thought to be important in understanding why children do not do well in school. It contains measures such as the WISC-R and Bender which we use and which have good reliability and validity. Also,the new measures in the SOMPA have been standardized on persons from various social classes and racial-ethnic groups. The conceptual and technical manual for SOMPA (Mercer, 1977) enables the reader to understand the rationale behind the SOMPA and how each of its measures is used to aid in understanding children. Jane Mercer’s personal and professional characteristics strongly reflect her sincere care for people, for maintaining high standards in developing the scales, and now for insuring that the professionals are adequately trained to use them; these qualities also serve to increase the attractiveness of SOMPA. Perhaps the greatest encouragement for using parts of the SOMPA comes from litigation and legislation directing psychologists to use measures which are free of cultural bias and which measure children’s adaptive behavior (Oakland, 1977a). For these and other reasons the SOMPA is an attractive system to many psychologists.

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