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Volume 1, Issue 3 (1972)

The Adolescent as a Psychologist: An Application of Kohlbert to a High School Curriculum

pp. 8—14

While there are an increasing number of articles, books, and research studies which depict the failure of schooling, there are few proposals for workable reformulations. It is not necessary to recount in any lengthy way the increasing evidence as to the negative effects of schooling, all that has appeared elsewhere, (Coleman, 1966; Minuchin et al., 1969 ; Silberman, 1970 ; Sprinthall & Mosher, 1971). The difficulty that we now face is not to prove once again that children and teenagers are wasting their time in school or that they end up in worse condition than when they entered. We need solutions, what to do about the problems? While it may seem obvious that we need new action programs there is little in the way of new ideas, new thinking, or new examples. If pupils leave school with lowered self-concepts, less intrinsic interest in learning, less sense of personal competency and mastery, then the implication is clear. We must change the learning experience for school children. The effects of schooling are not benign, nor is schooling simply a baby-sitting placebo. The impacts sum to a negative personal/psychological education for most pupils, a boring, tiresome, mindless experience.

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