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Volume 8, Issue 2 (1979)

Will the Real School Psychologist Please Stand Up? Part II - The Drive for Independence

pp. 168—173

A broadening array of professional and political decisions are in the process of being debated by school psychologists nationally. As with other major debates in psychology and education, the resolution to many of the issues may be thrust upon the profession so precipitously that few will discern the long term implications. The current set of events has, however, been predictable if one looks historically at the profession. School Psychology with its roots embedded in both psychology and education is in the process of establishing a permanent identity which is undoubtedly a blend of the two disciplines. Those who align themselves with generic psychology would prefer to deny its collateral educational ties. Others would advance school psychology rapidly toward total affiliation with education. In this presentation those critical issues which require our immediate attention will be discussed. An effort will be made to separate issues which are political or “guild” in nature from philosophical and service provision issues. An examination of the organizational policies which govern school psychology will be made with some attention to ramification of these policies.

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