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Volume 7, Issue 3 (1978)

Preventive Aspects of Mental Health Consultation to Schools

pp. 49—53

In the schools we are concerned primarily with secondary prevention (Eisenberg & Gruenberg, 1961). The prenatal and early infancy and childhood problems antedate school, that is,problems that may stem from mothers’ depression, from parental conflicts that affect the infant and small child, from mother-infant and mother-toddler alienation, resulting from mothers’personality problems or inexperience in the mothering process,or problems caused by the unhappy child’s reaction to his environment,to neurophysiological dysfunction, or to sociocultural deprivation,which increases the child’s turmoil and thereby increases family troubles, in a vicious circle. All these have already had their effects by the time the child enters kindergarten or first grade. There are, however, a few areas of primary prevention in which educators do play a vital role, especially in cases of crisis in a child’s life, in which an educator’s sensitivity to the child and his response may be of crucial importance.

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