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Volume 7, Issue 3 (1978)

Training School Psychologists for a Consultation Role

pp. 26—32

Consistent with the recent emphasis on preventive mental health techniques, consultation has been discussed increasingly as one important function of the school psychologist (Fine & Tyler, 1971; Meyers, 1973; Lambert, Yandell & Sandoval, 1974).Several surveys concerning the school psychologist’s view of the role have reported that psychologists rate consultation functions as most important (e.g., Cook & Patterson, 1977; Barbanel & Hoffenburg-Rutman, 1974; Giebink & Ringness, 1970), and yet,in practice, consultation may be implemented too rarely. The most recent of the above surveys which focused on school psychologists in Nebraska reported that although consultation was viewed as most important, a significantly great amount of time was spent in assessment (Cook & Patterson, 1977). This finding may be viewed with concern in light of recent legislation (e.g.,P.L. 94-142) which is creating even more focus on time spent doing accurate diagnostic work. At present the unfortunate result is that in many communities across the country even less time is spent doing consultation. One way to stimulate the practice of consultation by school psychologists is through training.Consequently, this article will consider issues relevant to the consultation training of school psychologists.

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