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Volume 7, Issue 4 (1978)

Editorial Comment: Some Reflections of an Editor

pp. 2—3

In the editorial of the first issue of this journal John Guidubaldi wrote: “The School Psychology Digest has been developed in an attempt to serve the need for broad coverage of relevant material. It is a response to the frustration and challenge of our profession -needing to provide answers, evidence, directions,ideas and understanding for a diverse group of people who face an awesome array of problems in a very complex and often unsympathetic, depersonalized environment.” The journal was thus given birth through the efforts of the leaders of the National Association of School Psychologists to meet these needs. The format for the journal was based on the results of a survey of all NASP members, the majority (96%) of the respondents indicating interest in a new journal that would better meet their needs through a time-saving format. Most respondents (92%)believed they should spend more time reading journals, but many(77%) indicated that they did not currently have enough time available. Many respondents also believed that the collective cost of subscriptions to a variety of journals is prohibitive (49%))that too much time is spent sifting through irrelevant material(45%)) and that reading research jargon and details of technical treatment tends to be too time-consuming and unnecessary for their purposes (38%). Hence The School Psychology Digest was born.

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