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Volume 36, Issue 1 (2007)

Estimates of the Standard Error of Measurement for Curriculum-Based Measures of Oral Reading Fluency

pp. 130—146

Abstract. Curriculum-based measurement of oral reading fluency (CBM-R) procedures have been developed to screen and evaluate student performance in reference to local norms and/or benchmarks. Recent changes in federal law have set the stage to use CBM-R data within a response to intervention model to guide high-stakes educational decisions (e.g., eligibility and diagnosis). The purpose of this study was to derive estimates for the standard error of measurement (SEM) of CBM-R. A sample of 8,200 students was assessed across 8 years for a total of 63,207 CBM-R probes. The median level of SEM across grades was 10 words read correctly per minute (WRCM; range _ 5–15). Estimates are provided within a variety of contexts (i.e., reliability, grade level, heterogeneity of sample) with the most likely estimates in the range of 5–9 WRCM. Potential applications are discussed along with implications for future research.

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