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Volume 36, Issue 3 (2007)

Bullying and Peer Victimization at School: Considerations and Future Directions

pp. 406—412

This series of articles highlights many important issues that researchers, educators,and clinicians are grappling with in understanding and treating bullying and victimization.For instance, these articles present information on the comorbidities and trajectories of different subgroups of bullies and victims,highlight the important buffering role that positive adults and school personnel can play in preventing the harmful effects of victimization,and emphasize the importance of considering school contexts (e.g., playground, lunchroom,classroom, and hallways) and subtypes of bullying and victimization when considering the form and function of bullying problems.The three articles also provide a clear direction for future research in this burgeoning field. As such, they highlight the need for comprehensive and multifaceted assessments of bullying and victimization, and they speak to the importance of using partnership-based approaches in designing school- and community-based programs to prevent bullying and victimization. In this commentary, I will highlight these points and several additional considerations that these excellent research studies address. In doing so, I hope to help readers better understand the ways in which research can be linked to practice so that research studies in this area can impact school and community prevention efforts to decrease the harmful effects of bullying and victimization among youth.

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