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Volume 35, Issue 3 (2006)

Using Multimethod-Multisource Functional Behavioral Assessment for Students With Behavioral Disabilities

pp. 451—471

Abstract. Using multi-method–multi-source functional behavioral assessment(FBA), 3 students (in kindergarten, first grade, and ninth grade) with behavioral disabilities at risk for change of placement received interventions. Indirect assessments included the Functional Assessment Checklist for Teachers and Staff—Part A & B, the Student-Directed Functional Assessment Interview Form, the Teacher (and Student) Functional Behavioral Assessment Checklist, and an Adapted Functional Assessment Interview—Parent Version. Direct assessments included conditional probabilities based on baseline data as well as structural and functional experimental manipulations within classroom settings. There was variability in perceived structure and function derived from indirect assessments,although they were essential in developing experimental manipulations. Convergence between direct assessment methods was found when modal results were examined. All students showed a reduction in problem behavior using interventions derived from the FBA process. However, one student did not evidence a reduction in the general education setting, presumably because the intervention was not implemented with integrity. Limitations to the study highlight the difficulty with conducting FBAs in classroom settings, including treatment integrity.

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